Wednesday, May 5, 2010

War is Declared! - Spanish American War

Over at the ODMS website, here, and here there are articles about an upcoming Spanish American War game.

This game features the rules I wrote (borrowing heavily from influences such as the Brom Standard rules, as well as the Jackson Gamers RCW rules) for both RJW and RCW, but modified for the Spanish American War.

I borrowed the Brom mechanism of activating brigades (each about 3-6 units) by card flip. Each side also has a "bonus" card in the deck, which allows for a bonus move by one brigade.

The main changes to the rules include changes to reflect the Spanish smokeless gunpowder - while they are under cover in jungle/forest, they can fire out but can not be fired at. Also, I disassociated the morale level of a unit from it's size. It is now possible to have different sized units, and big units with low morale, and small units with high morale. I'll report back after some playtesting how this goes, and it may make its way into the RCW rules.



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