Saturday, May 22, 2010

Prepare for Basing

A batch of 1813 Prussians (enough, in fact, to do the Shako II 1813-1814 Prussian Standard Army referenced here) are assembled for Basing by the staff of Gaming with Chuck.

Bases to be used will be from Gale Force Nine. See the white chinese food container.

This is in preparation for the Shako II game being hosted at the Hangar (ODMS) in June. The game will be held on June 19, at 10:00am, and the scenario is called "Crossing the Hoffhandel". It is based on a mixed alliance on both sides (Prussian/British vs. Italian/French).

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Galpy said...

looks like you've been busy,I have to admit i quite enjoy shako 2, nice blog you've got here

Anonymous said...

Mr. Turnitsa,

I was stumbling through the mass collection of imformation that is available on the internet when I suddenly and unexpectedly stumbled apon your blog. I took some time to learn about who you were and what you love to do, purely on a whim, and I find it easy to say I was glad I did. Your passion for table-top gaming was quite inspiring and refreshing. I enjoyed your refrances to history, by which, I found myself learning a little more about this world in which I live. Thank you for opening my eyes and bringing a smile to my face. :)

Paul F.

chuck said...

Thanks so much for the nice comments! I will post some pictures of the based miniatures pretty soon.