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Traveller Tuesdays - Encounters in Sphere Fenix (2)

Okay, working with the encounter chart posted last week, I started to flesh out some of the organizations, and so on, that might come up on the different entries.  I will begin presenting those, and then collate them into the overall encounter chart.

First, one of the things that comes up a few times is the idea of a Pirate. Towards that end, I created a few tables for randomizing Pirates operating in and near Sphere Fenix.

Several tables are required for generating a pirate encounter. First, decide if it is a (1-3) single pirate ship, or (4-6) pirate organization. Then roll on the following tables.

First DieSecond DiePirate CaptainVessel
1,2,31Neef Tragor
(human, M)
"The Grinning Star"
400t Corsair
2Baronet Laucion
(human, M)
"Final Rose"
400t Corsair
3Teela Racken
(human, F)
"The Black Widow"
400t Armed Salvage Ship
4Abonar Solinga F3
"Event Horizon"
400t Corsair
(Danin, M)
"Night Song"
1200t Salvage Hauler
6Red Deezl
(human, F)
"Rogue's Luck"
400t Corsair
4,5,61Urnit Sable
(human, M)
"Faleenin Queen"
600t Pirate Raider
(human, M)
"Red Shift"
400t Fast Smuggler
3Honer Unk
(exotic, M)
"Man's Destiny"
400t Cruiser
4Tingu Ferraeowl
(aslan, M)
"Predator King"
600t Pirate Cruiser
5Lady Ponda
(human, F)
"Flying Knife"
400t Corsair
6Jared Onal
(human, M)
400t Antique Trader

Some notes on these individuals.
  • Baronet Laucion believes himself to be the surviving heir to the Throne of Municar, one of the original three factions that combined to make Sphere Fenix.
  • Teela Racken has an all-female crew.
  • Abonar Solinga F3 commands a mixed crew of Hivers and Humans.
  • Chauvon believes he is the reincarnation of an ancient hero from the early settlement myths on Achmeta (1215/Olsztyn), one of the oldest settled worlds in the Sphere.
  • Honer Unk is an Exotic, a curious development of mankind that has adapted, physically, to living in low, and artificial, gravities.  His muscles have atrophied, but he has AI enhancements to his mind.
  • Tingu Ferraeowl commands a mixed crew of Aslan and Human.
The Antique Trader is in the Mongoose supplement, "Merchants and Cruisers", and all of the other classes (except the Corsair) are from "Traders and Gunboats".

These are all dangerous criminals, who have taken to piracy for a variety of different reasons, but typically they all have ships with large (over-berthed) crews, for the purpose of taking prizes and manning them.  Having extra crew helps in raids and boarding actions as well.  These ships are also larger than most typical adventure class ships (usually in the 100-200 ton range), and as is typical of Pirates, have all sorts of camouflage enhancements, like duplicate transponders, and minor cosmetic changes to the hulls (performed with a minimum effort, and short amount of time) - as described for the standard 400t Pirate Corsair.

Next we'll take a look at some common pirate organizations. These are more complex, larger operations than the individual pirates listed above. Each of these organizations is like a corporation, or mercenary company. They have rules governing membership some hierarchy of leaders; armed ships, warehouses, and other equipment; arrangements with local government; and finally some planetary base (one or more).

DiePirate OrganizationBase World
1The Red FlagDjebeha 0810/Ark
2Raider's AllianceParma 0910/Negoiul
3The BrotherhoodProsser 1502/Negoiul
4Space WolvesSembilen 1606/Negoiul
5Final LibertyTaginae 2008/Souris
6Star CartelPrudnik 1206/Negoiul

More next week . . .

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