Monday, November 26, 2012

TSR? Gygax Magazine??

As many readers of gaming blogs, and gaming news in general, may be aware, a number of individuals recovered the TSR name and have reformed a company using the same.

Their first project will be the publication of Gygax Magazine.

I think that the logo alone speaks volumes about how much this is intended to resemble the (good) old days of Dragon Magazine.

If you haven't heard then here it is - TSR has reformed and will be publishing a general gaming (heavy on RPGs) magazine called Gygax magazine.  If you are interested in signing up for email notifications about publication, etc, then you can go to this website.

There are evidently some riffs in the Gygax family over who is and who is not supporting it, but it definitely seems to have the support of Gary's two brothers Sons (I mistakenly had them identified as Brothers, see comment below).

With the recent publication of the 1st Edition reprints (PHB, MM, DMG) and the upcoming reprint of the 2nd Edition books, the folks at Wizards of the Coast definitely have gotten the vibe about the Old School Renaissance that is out there.  It makes sense.  The millions of gamers who grew to love D&D in it's earlier versions, loved it as it was.  Changing it too much will lose them.
Regardless of politics about the magazine, etc etc, I just am glad that the older style RPGs are still being played by so many.  Mr. Gygax and his compadres certainly changed the world a bit when they introduced all of us to Dungeons and Dragons.


Melf said...

Hi Chuck. Ernie and I are his sons, not his brothers. My Uncle Hugh passed away in the late 70s. I hope you enjoy the magazine!

chuck said...

I am really looking forward to the magazine! Thanks for the correction, I made the change in my blog posting.