Monday, January 28, 2013

19th Century Imaginations - Rebasing ACW figures

I got to spend some time over the weekend prepping my man cave for an upcoming project.  A little more effort will be required, but it is close.  I have a trip later this week, and I'll be gone most of the weekend, but in two weeks, there should be some project made.

The specific work will be to start re-basing my sizable collection of ACW figures.  I am going to base them on 40x40mm bases, with three figures to a base.  This will allow me to play most of the rulesets I care about for ACW, including home brew, Neil Thomas, Glint of Bayonets, Fire and Fury, Black Powder, Rank & File, and others.

One of the interesting side effects of this rebasing effort is that I will also be able to start doing some Imagi-Nation gaming.  My fictional company of Furstenberg, in the equally fictional region of Balkania, has blue coats and blue kepis making up their infantry uniform, so the US troops will work perfectly.  Against them, is an uprising of a variety of desert and mountain tribesmen (the ethnic Urbs of the Karzstan Mountains), and these are supported by regular infantry, wearing an 1880s Egyptian uniform (the Trans-Turkylvanians).

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It should be a satisfying project, and hopefully one that will give me some fun modeling time, and also some fun solo-wargaming time.

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