Sunday, October 5, 2008

Furstenberg calling out general muster of troops

In response to unsettling events in Papaschlemo (capitol of the Rumpwhistle province of Nikovena), and the general call for an Urb uprising, the authorities of Furstenberg have issued calls for a general muster.

This includes, of course, the Household regiments of the Margrave, as well as the provincial "obligatore" regiments, and the various "traditional" regiments, many of which are tied to specific ancient families, or unique regions of the Margrave.

I. Army of the Mark
1. 1st Corps
2. 2nd Corps
3. 3rd Corps
4. Reserve Corps

II. 2nd Army
1. 4th Corps
2. 5th Corps
3. Drovian Corps
4. Roznia Corps

III. 3rd Army
1. 7th Corps
2. 8th Corps
3. Schuster's Corps

IV. Home Guard
1. North Muster
2. South Muster
3. Border Muster

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