Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ethnic Urbs prepare for uprising

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Following events in the provincial capitol of Papaschlemo yesterday, ethnic Urbs are taking up arms and organizing.

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Prince of the Urbs said...

In spite of assurances from the Pretender Bey in Frugalia (the armpit of Furstenberg), we Urbs are not about to roll over and be exterminated, while some "greater" power claims to be able to protect us.

We know what a sharp knife is, and we know what to do to our enemies with it. And we have the bobbles on our shoes to prove it.

Do not trust the Furstenberger dogs, we don't. We must stand alone against Rumpwhistle harassment, Three Sicilies attempts to steal our women, Vulgarian meddling, Paepal recriminations, and Turkylvanian efforts at Genocide.

Our cousins, uncles and antes, the Ex-Urbs, and Sub-Urbs will stand with us, and it will be as it was at the time of the Fez Revolt. We shall overcome and be triumphant!

Urbland for the Urbs!