Sunday, October 5, 2008

Furstenberg Enlisted Men's Uniform

The mainstay of the regular Divisions of the Furstenberg army all wear the standard 1856 uniform.

This uniform is distinguished by light blue trousers, a dark (prussian) blue coat, or frock, a matching dark (prussian) blue kepi, a knapsack and a bedroll. The equipment (kit) is black leather, and consists of a belt, bayonet scabbard, and cartridge box. Completing the standard field equipment, other than general goods found in the knapsack, is a forage bag and a wooden bottle type canteen. Shoes are black leather.

Badges worn on the kepi have the Furstenberg seal (which is a round disk, with the dog from the Uzlov family arms on top). The badge on the front of the equipment belt has the regimental number or symbol on it.

For wargaming purposes, ACW Union Infantry should suffice nicely. Of particular interest are the new Perry plastic figures, in 28mm. Other pictures here and here.


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