Wednesday, October 1, 2008

19th Century Imaginations - Shots fired at Vulgarian Prince!

Things are rapidly coming to a head in Balkania. With the Pan-Urb league pushing ever stronger for their own state, and relations among the ancient states of the troubled region, how long will it be before this powder keg erupts into open war!

Clearly the Prince of Vulgaria had no idea that August 30 was the anniversary of the brutal response to the Fez Uprising, in 1346. Otherwise he would not have been traveling with such a small entourage. In fact, Det. Levantine of the police department of Papaschlemo has scoffed the security efforts of the Prince publicly, while posting handbills describing the open-topped nature of the Prince's carriages, and noting the best angle for taking a shot at the occupants of such a carriage. When asked about such actions, the Detective responded, "We are just pointing out the weaknesses in the Prince's plan. What the good citizens of Papaschlemo do with such information is their own business. Especially my good for nothing brother, who couldn't hit the broadside of a barn."

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Three Sicilies couldn't be reached for comment, but when the Vulgarian Ambassador was contacted, he responded, "Oh, so the Prince was shot at? Well, we were wondering where he got to."

The official Paypale position is unknown yet, yet it is likely to be arriving escorted by the four battalions of Schniss guards who are escorting Cardinal Robin in the region, on his mission of peace.

The Daily Balkanian will continue to report on events as they unfold, however making sure that all of your wives (and their sisters) are safely at home at night seems to be a wise course of action. Also make sure you have plenty of ammunition. The 43rd peace talks are about to begin.
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