Monday, April 29, 2013

19th Century Imaginations - Fictional Naval Forces

I have been building up some fictional navies, using balsa wood and other materials, in order to fight out a series of Naval engagements between my two fictional foes from Balkania.  The nations of Furstenberg and Rumpwhistle share some very large common rivers, and both maintain a (second rate) navy during the 1870s, when they were engaged in the 23 Weeks War.

Here are some pictures, along with notes, showing the progress of my modeling efforts.
Battleships on the left, and Armored Cruisers on the right and in the rear

The four Furstenberg Battleships, in the picture above, are all from the Queen class of battleships.  These were large, masted vessels, like the HMS Warrior from Great Britain, that were fitted out with steam power, and heavy guns on the gun decks.  The Queen class consists of "Queen of the May" (launched 1857), "Queen Guinevere" (1859), and the two twin queens, "Queen Titania" and "Queen Gloriana" (both launched 1863).

On the right, are three of the Furstenberg Armored Cruiser class.  These were high-sided armored ships, although with wooden frames and decks.  They feature steam power alone (no masts, never constructed for sail), and two large turrets.  The front two are from the Pest class, including (front) the "Junebug" (1869), and behind her, the "Weevil" (1870).  Behind those two, an older design, from the first class of armored cruisers, the Hound class, it is the "Moondog" (1859).

Armored Cruisers, and unique Rumpwhistle Battleships on the right
In this picture, we see four of the newest battleships in Balkania, these were built in Rumpwhistle after the popular Admiral's revolution of the 1850s, and exhibit the latest doctrines of the revolution in their design.
  The Admiral's revolution was such that, because no single Canton could afford their own Battleships, and because these were such prestigious vessels, that a Citizen's Counsel of 13 Captains, one from each Canton, would together control each Battleship.
At the aft of each battleship, you can note the massive, round cabin, where the Counsel of Citizen-Captains dwell, and hold their meetings about how to run the ship.  The ships, from front to rear, are the "Longinus", "Ephialtes", "Iscariot" and "Guy Fawkes".  Being rather forward thinking, and embracing progress, the Revolutionary Government decided that during actions, the Counsel would be reduced to a wieldy Three Citizen-Captains to facilitate quick decisions and decisive action.  Several older Armored Cruisers are to the left, and these are (in capability) very similar to those of Furstenberg

Here we see three of the Furstenberg battleships in Line Ahead formation.  In the back, rear, of the shot you can see some of the recently re-based Cavalry of both Furstenberg and Rumwhistle.


Dale said...

Very nice models! I like them. Good use of mushroom (button) plugs as armored turrets.

chuck said...

Thanks Dale - next up, will be painting. Then the following are on the list -

proper monitors
steam launches
torpedo boats
sailing cruisers
older Line ships

For some of those (launches, torpedo boats, monitors) I am using woodsie shapes (pointed ovals), so I end up with thin hulls. I plan to get some smaller buttons (or maybe the same) to use as turrets on the monitors. Maybe wood plugs (no bevel).

The sailing ships will be similar to my battleships, but narrower and no superstructure (just hull and masts).

The last thing I will do is going to be some fortifications. I got some larger woodsie buttons to use as heavy turrets, and I just need to build the fort walls out of matt board, and base, paint, and terrain them.

Pictures will keep coming forward...