Monday, June 23, 2008

Back from Scotland

Gaming with Chuck took a 1 week hiatus while I was in Scotland, on travel at a Modeling and Simulation conference (my job, as well as my PhD studies). While there I did some extensive traveling on the very excellent British railway service, not to mention the Lothian Bus service Edinburgh. All of this has put me in the mood for some network and route-building games when I am back with my family and friends in the States.

Some of my favorite route and network building games are:

Some new ones that I would like to try (but either haven't played them yet, or don't own them yet):

Who knows, maybe the next few days will see some gameplay at Chateaux Turnitsa.


Egyptoid said...

found your Toon-Doo

Egyptoid said...

Through the Dessert ?!?

ya been on too many buffets lately

chuck said...

A genuine "Gaming with Chuck" No-Prize goes to Egyptoid for identifying the typo on "Through the Desert".

Through the Dessert, on the other hand, is a game about a load of fatties munching their way through a bakery.

Egyptoid said...

there's no such thing as anti-fat-bastard cream