Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pink Camels, anyone?

We played Through the Desert a the Turnitsa Home earlier this week. What a blast. I really do like this game, it is a hoot.

It rates reasonably high (7.4) at Boardgame Geek, which got me to thinking. Which, of the many games we play at the Homestead, are the highest rated according to other people? And which company produces that games that we enjoy so much?

For high ranking games at home, I would guess Ticket to Ride, Settlers, or any of the Carcassonne variants. For companies, I would guess its Rio Grande, or for original publishers, maybe Days of Wonder or Fantasy Flight. Probably Days of Wonder, come to think of it.

At one time it would have been (for me) Avalon Hill, and then Mayfair. Task Force Games were huge in my life for a number of years, as well as Metagaming (still is). GDW ranked pretty high. But those were all (mostly) wargames. These days it's Euros, which explains the company shift.

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