Saturday, June 14, 2008

Castles and Crusades Campaign - A Farewell to Arms

Viney Badeloch, the rogue extraordinaire, decalared a Farewell to Arms during the game this past week.

The adventurers had found the portal at the bottom of the Glacial Grotto of the Ice Hunter Goblins, and through it transported across the world to the very bottom of the dungeons of the ShadowRose, in Keoland.

Upon arriving, several guards of the goblin raider, Gutrag Hagrush, were dispatched, along with Gutrag himself. The group recovered the lost Kreftring, the heirloom of the Raker Mountain Dwarves of Ratik that the group had agreed to help.

Well, old Viney, due to some romantic entanglements that he got involved in when last in Keoland, decided that he actually liked the world much better back in Ratik, so he volunteered to return the Ring as quickly as possible (the adventurers have been underground, now, for several days). He took along with him the women the group rescued from the Goblins (serving as harem slaves).

Hopefully Viney will not be too late in returning the ring, and high priest Starmetal and the King will be fortified in their positions, and the wicked nephew of the king (and his advisor, from the Great Kingdom) will be recognized for what they are - opportunistic greedy materialists.

Is this the end of Viney Badeloch? Probably not, but for now it is a Farewell to Arms.

A small video tribute to Viney Badeloch...


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Egyptoid said...

I can tell my brother,
by the sparkle in his eyes,
out on the road to Shamballa

here's VINEY!