Monday, June 9, 2008

Boom Blox - infecting the Turnitsa household

Boom Blox from Electronic Arts has invaded our home.

We didn't play any boardgames this weekend, but I have to admit that it isn't ENTIRELY due to the arrival of Boom Blox. We had a couple of cookouts and soccer games to go to on Saturday, and Church on Sunday. The rest of the day, however, was Boom Blox. We played a couple of times, for maybe an hour or so each occasion.

The game is quite fun, with fun characters and levels, and the action is quite visceral. You get to demolish blocks in a number of great ways that remind me of the wooden block forts I used to build as a child. Me and a foe would each build a block fort on the floor of opposite ends of the living room or the front porch. Then we would populate those forts with green plastic army men. Then the war would commence. We would alternate throwing blocks at each others forts, trying to demolish as much as possible, and wipe out plastic army men. The one with the last army man standing was the winner. In many ways some of the Boom Blox levels work just like this.

Then there are the Jenga levels.

And the shooting levels.

Lots of fun, but not so good for the boardgaming schedule.

On a plus note, I picked up two new games - First is BattleLore (which I am looking forward to playing lots of at Historicon this summer)

Second is Ticket to Ride Märklin. This completes our set of all the (to date) Ticket to Ride board games. The card game might be next.


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