Thursday, November 13, 2008

Recent Wargaming Activities in the Land of Chuck

[Find out more about the Williamsburg Muster]

Since the last time I posted "what have I been doing in wargaming" a lot has gone on.

First, the ODMS club launched the Williamsburg Muster convention, and a lot of time has gone into planning and advertising that event.

Second, I completed enough of the Russo-Japanese war project to run my game at Fall In. There are still over 200 infantry in a semi-finished state, but it is to the point of having two playable armies, new terrain, and modified rules. I would like to run it over the holidays for the ODMS crowd. The terrain completed for this were eight new hills (I wasn't completely happy with them, so I donated them to "John Snelling's Home for Wayward Hills and other Earthly Protuberances"), and four Manchurian villages. I am not completely happy with the villages, but I got a LOT of compliments on them at the convention, so I will probably post the files for download.

Third, I have been working on two articles for HMG magazine. Details to be released later.

Fourth, I have been working on a historical article about the development of the Rifle from 1860-1960 - as a theme essay to support the Theme of the 2009 Williamsburg Muster.

Fifth - I have been doing some painting on 15mm Sudan figures. I got 100 Dervish finished, another 100 half finished, and some Camel riders are in the works.

Sixth - I painted some of the Krigbaum collection of fine miniatures.

Seventh - I have been working on some colonial Orbats for Eric Burgess.

Not bad.

Looking ahead over the holiday months (second half of Nov, Dec, first half of Jan) I will probably concentrate on:
1. Russian Civil War (new armored cars and tanks from Fall In, plus Red Infantry)
2. Russo-Japanese War (finish it)
3. Vikings (25mm)
4. More Terrain
5. HOTT army (Lunar Empire, from Glorantha)

Could be a busy two months.



Egyptoid said...

you forgot point eight:
Dodging Davis...

chuck said...

You didn't go to Fall In.