Wednesday, November 26, 2008

19th Century Imaginations - Sausage Wars (new entry from Chuckipedia)

Sausage Wars - (see also Brazilnutti Uprising) - a minor conflict, now often relegated to the underside of the dustbin of history, that involved the minor states of Balkania. The main cause of the disagreement seems to be whether or not to include Sausage in the canonical listing of Balkanian cuisine. The XIVth peace talks, held in Gaspacia (Kingdom of the Three Sicilies), famously broke down when visiting dignitaries from Vulgaria began a chorus of "Wassamatta wi' me?" to be answered by their Hostian rivals with "Wassamatta for you!" across the room. This led quickly to a tossed sausage, and finally to musketry volleys.

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Byron said...

"this quickly led to a tossed sausage" made me almost spill my beer. Nice.

Egyptoid said...

you are a bufonic amphibian of the lowest order