Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Best Sportsmanship

Chris and I won best sportsmanship award in the Cold Wars WAB Doubles Tournament. Good fun. Will try to play in the summer tournament (at Historicon) as well.

Chris ran his very lovely African Invaders army from out of the El Cid book (painted in part by him and his friend Matt). This is a really nice army, and not at all tricksy (I believe that the British term is "beardy"). I, on the other hand, ran the very nice Early Imperial Roman army that I purchased at Williamsburg Muster. I was not responsible for painting that army, but I must admit that it looks fabulous.

Here is a picture of our Dyanmic Duo (damned sexy wargamers) in action, while Odin looks on.Our first battle was with Chris N.A. Invaders and my Romans vs. an army of Spartans (I faced them), and early-ish Byzantines (from Byzantium:Beyond the Golden Gate). I did well against the Spartans (the Romans outmaneuvered them, and I got lucky on some end of game charges), while the Byzantines did well against the Africans.

The second battle was against the Bates Menace (Gil and Mike Bates - see picture below, and also displayed by the FBI at your local Post Office). Those nefarious gamers ran Crusaders (Mike) and Vikings (Gil). I really liked the Viking army, which is good since I am in the progress of painting my own.
Info on upcoming WAB tournaments can be found on the North East Wargaming Society website.

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