Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Units for Hordes

In between large amounts of school work, a conference, and other stuff, this week I got done a few dozen new units for Hordes of the ThingsMostly I was prepping, repairing, and basing some figures that were already painted.I completed the following:
10 Stands of Viking type Warband (including 1 general element)
4 Stands of Viking type javeling Shooters
6 Stands of Medieval Longbow type Shooters (include 2 general elements)
4 Stands of Lizardman Blades
1 Stand of Lizardman Spear
2 Stands of Eastern style Spear
8 Stands of Medieval Spear (including 1 general element)And finally I did some work on my new "Badgers of Craggen Moor" army...This army consists of some highland badgers that I have had for years. I think they were originally painted by and sold to me by Danny Jackson. For the badgers I completed -
3 Stands of Blades (highland badger with claymore)
4 Stands of Shooters (highland badger with bow)
1 Stand of Hero General (The Laird of Craggen Moor, and his Game Warden)
1 Stand of (either) Hero or Cleric (Bonny Prince Badger, and his Piper)That comes to (either) 21 or 22 points, depending on whether Bonny Prince Badger is a Hero or a Cleric. In either case, I have a few more things to add. I want to do the Great Beast himself, a giant badger (used as either a Behemoth, Beast, or Dragon). I also want to do a water lurker (Nessie). I am working up plans for a stronghold as well.

This gives me enough to do a good proper Medieval barbarian type army (northern raiders, Orlanthi, Immer, Northmen, Rangers, Vikings, etc). The start of a Lizardman army. The core of another Medieval army. And of course, Craggen Moor.

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indierockclimber said...

Hey Chuck, it's Steven MacLauchlan! Nice to see you on Blogspot. I'll be following!

Great looking miniatures. The Highland Badgers are great!

My blog is here: Let's be blog pals!

chuck said...

Steven - good to hear from you. Congrats on the house, etc.

Tell me more about this Genetic Algorithm you were working on lately...


ps- I added you to my list of visited sites

indierockclimber said...

Thanks for the congrats! Looking forward to actually closing and moving in (and setting up my war room!)

the Genetic Algorithm I was working on essentially used chromosomes, mutation, selection etc (Darwin style evolutionary theory) to solve different problems. The one I did was to solve the "knapsack" problem where you have items of different value and weight and have to find the best combination of stuff without it weighing more than an arbitrary value.

Artificial Intelligence stuff is cool! now I'm working on artificial neural networks and COPEs(collection of prehending entities... sort of like an ant colony that can be used for various tasks)