Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Units for Hordes

In between large amounts of school work, a conference, and other stuff, this week I got done a few dozen new units for Hordes of the ThingsMostly I was prepping, repairing, and basing some figures that were already painted.I completed the following:
10 Stands of Viking type Warband (including 1 general element)
4 Stands of Viking type javeling Shooters
6 Stands of Medieval Longbow type Shooters (include 2 general elements)
4 Stands of Lizardman Blades
1 Stand of Lizardman Spear
2 Stands of Eastern style Spear
8 Stands of Medieval Spear (including 1 general element)And finally I did some work on my new "Badgers of Craggen Moor" army...This army consists of some highland badgers that I have had for years. I think they were originally painted by and sold to me by Danny Jackson. For the badgers I completed -
3 Stands of Blades (highland badger with claymore)
4 Stands of Shooters (highland badger with bow)
1 Stand of Hero General (The Laird of Craggen Moor, and his Game Warden)
1 Stand of (either) Hero or Cleric (Bonny Prince Badger, and his Piper)That comes to (either) 21 or 22 points, depending on whether Bonny Prince Badger is a Hero or a Cleric. In either case, I have a few more things to add. I want to do the Great Beast himself, a giant badger (used as either a Behemoth, Beast, or Dragon). I also want to do a water lurker (Nessie). I am working up plans for a stronghold as well.

This gives me enough to do a good proper Medieval barbarian type army (northern raiders, Orlanthi, Immer, Northmen, Rangers, Vikings, etc). The start of a Lizardman army. The core of another Medieval army. And of course, Craggen Moor.

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