Wednesday, April 1, 2009

RCW game at Cold Wars

As mentioned earlier in Gaming with Chuck, I ran a Russian Civil War game at Cold Wars. It was a great time. There were eight players squeezed into a six player game, with four on the Red side and four on the White side.

The scenario was quite simple, with the Reds guarding a railroad town, where they had captured a White armored train that was disabled. The Volunteer Army had a force of infantry and cavalry (mostly Cossacks) that were closing in on the town to recapture the train. The cossacks were led by the famous Colonel Bulgarov. To stop this, the Bolsheviks had a number of units of infantry, including Trotsky's Red Guard, and some Chekists. in addition, they had gotten the heavy guns mounted on the armored train into working order.
The game was a great blast of fun, and came down to the last squadrons of cavalry and companies of infantry fighting in and amongst the town over the train itself. The Volunteer Army had captured one of the cars of the train, and the Bolsheviks still held the other two, however there was more Cossack cavalry pouring into the town every minute, and most of the Bolsheviks had been dispatched. In the end, the Red cause had given up the train, and withdrawn.
The rules used are the current version of those I plan to publish later on this year, and many of the players stated that they would like to get a copy. I better follow through with this project, it was a lot of fun and the gamers really enjoyed it!

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