Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Viking Horde Grows!

Celebrate with me by listening to this Viking song!

I've completed the basing of 30 painted Bondi with mixed weapons. 12 Bondi with javelin and shield (buckler?). And 18 Archers. Those are all figures that I already had painted. They are based up for Hordes of the Things, but since they are on 60mm wide stands, with three figures per stand, they meet the 20mm per man standard of WAB.

I have started organizing the Old Glory and Crusader figures that I had gotten late last year, for painting.

From the "Revenge" line of figures at Old Glory I have four packs -
  • Huscarls with 2h Axe (30)
  • Huscarls with asstd wpn (30)
  • Bondi with asstd wpn (30) (pictured)
  • Bondi Archers (30)
From the "Somerled the Viking Slayer" line of figures I have the pack of Viking Command (30), which in addition to banners and horns, has a bunch of dudes with 2 weapons (might make good berserkers?).

From Crusader USA I have four packs (16) Ulfhednar, with mixed weapons.

Should be quite a formidable force, my friend. Good enough to warrant a Feast.

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