Friday, May 2, 2008

Campaign Update - Up the Mountain, Down the Glacier, Out the Other Side

The Castles and Crusades campaign, set in the World of Greyhawk, continued last night with a great little game. We only had two players show up (Elliott and Marcy), but I hope we all had as good a time as I did.

So the players traveled, once they cleared out the Norker bear-cult nest, on to the Dwarven city of Kreftheim. Analise (cleric of Ehlonna) is now firmly a member of the party, with her two followers (Byron, starry-eyed bard; and Hilda Ironbottom, reformed Duergar fighter). There they met the lovely wife of Nords (one of the party members, a Dwarven Fighter of no small renown), and the High Priest of Clangeddin Silverbeard. From these two, it was clear that the Dwarven Kingdom is in turmoil - with the Old King wanting to keep up good relations with the new Baroness (that the players are questing for), and the young Dwarves (swayed by Great Kingdom gold) who want to sever ties with the Humans, and deliver them up to the Great Kingdom.

In the turmoil, the players left the city, under cover of darkness, and rescued one Viney Badeloch, along the way. Viney has knowledge of where the Kreftring is - the heirloom treaty ring that the players are questing for. It seems as if the ring has been stolen, and taken (by a Goblin warchief and his body guard) through a gate clear across the continent to Keoland.

Following Viney up the mountain, to the base of the glacier, the players find a cave, the entrance to the Glacial Grotto of the Ice Hunter Goblins. Once down in the cave, they uncover a grand dungeon (obviously not built by these primitive goblins), with a thriving subterranean eco-system. Viney remembers little of his trip through here (he was on the run) but does recall numerous undead and vast plains of edible fungus. The first tentative explorations by the players meet with combative goblins and ice-hunter cats.

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