Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Week of Trolls - Day Four Supplemental - the Friends of the Trolls

In the Day Four entry on Ethnic Diversity of Trolls, it was mentioned that the Cloud Troll often is encountered with the Flying Wyrm as a mount, and that the Trider often is encountered with the Troll Spider as a companion. Below are the Castles and Crusades statistics on each.

The Flying Wyrm is a very large (60 ft long) winged serpent, distantly related to a wyvern.
Flying Wyrm
SIZE: Large
HD: 11(d10)
MOVE: 20 ft., 60 ft. (fly)
AC: 18
ATTACKS: 2 Claw (2d4) and Bite (2d10), or Sting (1d8)
SPECIAL: Darkvision 60 ft., Poison, SR8
INT: Low
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil
TYPE: Dragon
The Flying Wyrm is a variant of the Wyvern, specially bred to serve as flying mounts for Cloud Trolls. The Flying Wyrm is amazingly resistant to most magic (hence its SR8 rating).
Combat: The Flying Wyrm will attempt to use its claws and bite if facing a foe on the ground, or if mounted by a Cloud Troll. If fighting on its own, or fro the air, then it will attempt to use its tail sting, which is poisonous.
Poison: The tail sting of the Flying Wyrm requires the victim to make a constitution save, failure means that the victim takes 2d4 damage in the first round, and an additional 1d4 damage for the next two rounds, and the victim is paralyzed for 3d4 rounds. If the save is successful, all damage is halved, and no paralysis occurs.

The Troll Spider is a variation of a giant spider that was created by dark elf sorcerers via magical means. They have an unusual affinity for both Triders and also Trolls.
Troll Spider
SIZE: Medium
HD: 4(d8)
MOVE: 30 ft., 20 ft. (climb)
AC: 15
ATTACKS: Bite (1d6)
SPECIAL: Poison, Web, Regeneration, Dark Vision 60 ft., Immunity: Acid
INT: Animal
TYPE: Animal
Troll Spiders are quite aggressive, and often accompany Triders and Trolls. Troll Spiders seem to have a rudimentary understanding of commands issued from these creatures, as well as from Dark Elves.
Poison: The Troll Spider, upon biting, injects a poison that requires the victim to make a constitution save. If the save is a success, no further effects occur. If the save is a failure, then the victim takes an immediate 1d6 damage, and must make a second save the next round. If the second save is a failure, then the victim takes an additional 1d6 damage, and is paralyzed for 1d4 hours. Success in the second round means no additional damage. Some troll spiders (50%) can spit their poison up to 30 feet.
Web: The Troll Spider can create a web, as per the web spell, up to 8x per day.
Regeneration: The Troll Spider can regenerate as per a troll, at the rate of 2HP per round. If the Troll Spider falls, it will reform in 3d6 rounds. The Troll Spider's unique physiology mean that it is immune to acid attacks, and can only be kept from regenerating or reforming by flame attacks or burning the bodily remains.

Day Five is coming. I believe that the Week of Trolls is going amazingly well. This is so much fun, I may do something similar in the future for another one of my favorite monsters - the Bugbear.


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