Friday, May 9, 2008

Castles and Crusades - Campaign Update

Castles and Crusades campaign continues last night, to the gleeful delight of the Castle Keeper (who is writing this from deep within his fortress of rectitude), and the mild amusement of the players.

First, a list to earlier posts (from oldest to newest, in order) of the campaign updates for the game so far.

Last night, the players, still in the Glacial Grotto of the Ice Hunter Goblins, pressed on ever deeper, looking for the portal that leads to the Fortress of the ShadowRose in Keoland. Along the way, in the Glacial Grotto, the group met up with acid-spitting Ice Spiders (the small variety), fire breathing Lava Lizards, and finally Ogres.

There was a little trouble in jumping across a 10 foot pit, but it got worked out. Then there was the instance where a magical crown was found, and the group decided to not bother, once Gilmore started describing its history ("created by a vengeful Efreet lord", "designed to kill mortals", "all will perish", etc - the normal stuff).

This led to the intimidation and "intensive questioning" of a goblin guard - a process that derived some sense of direction to delve deeper into the dungeon. At which point, it was time to shut the doors on a defensible chamber, spike them shut, and hole up for some sleep.

Next time, it is deeper into the dungeon, where the group will no doubt encounter some undead, more undead, and even more undead, and some really big lava crabs.

The Ice Spiders are still out there, my friends. Still lurking and awaiting their chance to make you their next frozen dinner.

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