Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mutants and Death Ray Guns

Mutants and Death Ray Guns

All the mighty goodness that was Gamma World is brought together in this seemingly wonderful set of miniature rules. The PDF has a list of suitable figures that are available, as well. I might just have to give these a try. Usually I try to avoid games that require collecting figures that aren't universally useful, but this seems almost too good to pass by.

And when I say Gamma World, I don't mean the d20 poop put out by Sword and Sorcery - although I am sure it is a very fine game, it ain't the classic. Which isn't quite dead, as it seems to still stir up some interest and controversy on the web, now 30 years after its first publication (TSR 1978). Here are some links that might be of interest...

My own personal take on the whole thing is that the first and second editions were pretty good. The third edition (with the ACT Table) had GREAT stuff - the writeups on mutations, organizations, and equipment were so very very cool - but the ACT was a total mudpie of a gaming mechanic that it was not playable as presented. BTW - I feel the same way about Marvel Superheroes. Totally unplayable (as if any superhero game other than Champions would get a thumbs up from me . . . well maybe DC heroes, but it was largely Champions derivative). So, if you can get the books, run second edition rules, or perhaps even the modern Sword and Sorcery D20 rules, but use the great artwork, feel, and write ups from third edition. Heck, even the maps and stuff in that version were really cool. In the meantime, I will take a look into MADS and see about that miniatures list...

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