Thursday, May 22, 2008

Week of Trolls - Day Five - the Malleable Nature of Trolls

Trolls are made of interesting stuff, it appears. Not only can they regenerate, but they also appear to occur "naturally" in a number of different forms and environments.

It was mentioned early on in the week that Trolls are rather susceptible to changes brought on by environment or magic. To that end, we will explore some of the many different changes that can be granted to trolls, either accidentally or on purpose, due to exposure to random or chaotic fields of magic.

Some of these effects might come about due to gifts from chaotic or insane wizards or magical beings, and others might just occur due to eating the wrong magical fungus or living in close proximity to a magical device or portal.

The initial list is of twelve items, and no doubt this will grow or perhaps will be sub-compartmentalized.
Iron Skin
Tough metallic skin gives the troll AC20, and a move of only 20 ft.

Fire Breath
The troll can breathe fire for 4d6, 10 ft. range, victim may save vs. Dexterity to avoid.

Acid Vomit
2d6 first round, 1d6 each of second round and third round (4d6 total). Range of 10 ft., victim save vs. Constitution for half damage. Those adjacent to the victim get half effect (1d6/1d3/1d3), save vs. Constitution for half.

Extra Arms
two additional arms grant two extra claw attacks, or one additional weapon attack.

Strength Glyph
Extreme strength grants the troll an addition +2 to hit and +2 damage.

Speed Rune
Affected permanently as per the Haste spell (double all physical attacks, or 1 additional weapon attack, and move at double speed).

Forge Fire
Troll affects all metal items as if a heat metal spell were cast on him. If the troll uses a metal weapon, it will do an additional 2d4 of heat damage.

Troll is capable of becoming invisible 3x per day. If the troll attacks, then it is immediately visible again.

Hive Skull
Troll's head is rotten on the inside and is a permanent home to a swarm of insects. Affects as per the spell Insect Plague, but with a 20 ft. diameter (centered on the troll).

Electric Hide
Each blow on the troll causes a 1d6 lightning bolt to arc between the troll and anything within 10 ft. Save vs. Constitution for half damage.

The troll has huge bat wings that eneable it to fly at 30 ft. per round.

If this troll falls, the act of reforming will actually grow two complete new trolls. In addition, each point of damage that the troll regenerates contributes to a new troll forming on the back of the original. For every 20 points of damage that regenerates, a new troll with 20 hit points separates from the back of the original, and it will then continue to regenerate until it reaches full strength (the full hit points of the original). Note that it two will spawn new trolls. (This might lead to some interesting book-keeping for the Castle Keeper.)

Roll 1d12 to determine such gifts, or in response to a "Bestow Troll with Special Ability" spell (see Week of Trolls - Day Six - Troll Magic for more details).

Troll Special Abilities
  1. Iron Skin
  2. Fire Breath
  3. Acid Vomit
  4. Extra Arms
  5. Strength Glyph
  6. Speed Rune
  7. Forge Fire
  8. Invisibility
  9. Hive Skull
  10. Electric Hide
  11. Winged
  12. Parthenogenic


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