Monday, May 19, 2008

Once upon a time in Mexico

Taking a break from the week long coverage of Trolls on "Gaming with Chuck", the editorial staff would like to take a moment to report on a recent gaming trend in the Turnitsa Household that has been quite enjoyable. This evening was a pleasant evening spent in Central America. We had taco salad for supper. Then following, we (Anita, Heidi, and I) played a game of Mexica. The game is, briefly, about the building of the city of Tenochtitlan Mexico, on the island of Lake Texcoco.

The game is the second in the Kramer trilogy of Tikal, Mexica, and Java. We have (and enjoy) the first two. This was Heidi's second game, ever, and she was doing pretty well. It was Anita's first game of Mexica in a long, long time but she was doing quite well when we quit. We only played the first half of a two part game (it was a school night, and Heidi had some homework). Maybe we'll get to it again, soon.

When putting the game away for the evening, Anita and I remarked about some other Kramer games that we have (and enjoy). These included El Grande (wonderful!) and Torres (also wonderful!).

In all, the exercise of constructing a 14th century Aztec city on a swampy island in a brackish Mexico lake was quite enjoyable. I think I had the bloodiest sacrifices to take place in my callpulis. In the end it was a nice break from Trolls. For now.

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