Friday, August 8, 2008

Colonial Encounter on the Frontier is an article on the website that is a very nice description of the sorts of military skirmishes and encounters that took place on the Northwest Frontier. Play up, Lads!

This leads me to the announcement that I will be developing some wargaming scenarios for submission to magazines. Any ideas or character names or place names etc will be welcomed.

ADDENDA - Also on the website, I found an absolutely marvelous article about Peshawar. See here a fantastic image (prepared in 1985 by an American, Richard Meinke, which is a map of the old city. A slight modification of this map (remove the radio station symbol, change the names of the High Schools to Government Schools, and rename the cinema to a theater - and the map would serve nicely for a gaming map for late 19th, early 20th century gaming. Very nicely. Which gives me a couple of game ideas. Maybe more than a couple....

SECOND ADDENDA - See the historical article section of this website. There are great articles on the Gandomak Treaty, the Treaty with Ameer Dost Mohammad Khan, the Yusafzai state in the Swat Valley, and the Frontier Corps, including the Khyber Rifles and the Chitral Scouts.


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