Friday, August 1, 2008

Secret Miniature Figure Stash

DM: Okay, after killing the orc guards, you see through slashes in the tapestry that it is concealing a door. Pulling back the tattered remnant, you see that it is an ancient dusty wooden door, with iron hardware that has rusted badly.

Thief: Alright everyone, stand back and I'll check for traps.

DM: (rolling dice) Alright, it doesn't SEEM to be trapped, but the locks are really old and have a lot of corruption in them.

Barbarian: Phaugh! I kick in the door. CROM!!!!! (smashes head with rule book) (rolls dice) Success! We're in!

DM: Okay . . . that's one way to do it, but it made a lot of noise, you'll have to be quick if you don't want to attract wandering monsters.

Thief: I'll check the room.

Knight: No, better yet, I'LL check the room.

DM: Okay, you enter what appears to be a 10x10 room with wood paneling on the walls, with a table and chair on one wall. The other walls are covered in shelves. All of the shelves have a mix of books and cardboard boxes on them. In front of the boxes, on the shelves, are numerous small silvery figurines - some of men, some of horses. The table has on it a bunch of little brushes and tiny pots of paint. The room smells musty, and you can swear you hear low strains of music coming from a black contraption on the back of the desk. It is all very arcane.

Knight: I pull out one of the boxes from the shelves, what is inside it?

DM: (rolls) It appears to be a collection of painted figurines. They look like small versions of crusading knights from Veluna, but somehow different.

Knight: Interesting. I check another box - same thing?

DM: (rolls) Well, this one also has painted figurines in it, but they are carrying odd weapons, almost like long crossbows, without the cross-bar. The figurines are all wearing red coats and black hats.

Knight: Alright, here's what we'll do. I start hefting all the boxes . . .

DM: (rolls) Uh-oh, that's what I was afraid of. You hear footsteps in the hallway, coming your way, moving in a hurry. As the figure draws closer, it calls out "Chuck?"

Barbarian: I draw my sword and stand very still next to the doorway...

: I draw my daggers and cower in the shadows.

Knight: I shove a handful of the figurines into my forage bag, and draw the holy blade, Restitution.

: (rolls) it looks like it is a spouse (rolls again) and female. It's the wife of the painter. She is getting closer, and angrily calling out "What's in that room? What have you been hiding from me?" You better roll for initiative...


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