Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pictures of Miniatures I am selling

Sadly, I did not paint these. But I am currently trying to sell them. If interested, please email me. Click below to see the album of pictures.

Toy Soldiers



Charles Cab said...

Hey Chuck,

Interesting terrain you have there. Did you make it or buy it. I would love to have some blue terrain with a similar pattern.

charlescab at yahoo

chuck said...

Its actually a very neat trick done with some craft paper from the art store. It is sold as Scrapbooking paper, in a 12x12 inch sheet. I am not sure what colors it comes in, but the textured side has little ridges formed in it, and the paper itself has a slight nap, almost like a faux velvet.

As far as the pictures go - I put a green sheet down on the table top, and just folded a brown sheet over a tumbler, to give a background to the picture.