Wednesday, August 6, 2008

July in Gaming

  1. Played a number of boardgames
  2. Held a game-day at home, with a number of non-gamer attendees, as well as some die-hards from ODMS
  3. Worked on a Russian Civil War variant for Memoir 44 (tchankas anyone?)
  4. Mounted 15mm Dervish swordsman (Old Glory, 100 figures)
  5. Continued to paint a unit of 28mm British Colonial Cavalry (Eureka, 12 figures) for Jon Krigbaum
  6. Attended Historicon
    • Played boardgames (BattleLore, Alhambra Dice Game, Mystery Rummy, Ticket to Ride, Amazonas)
    • Entered Iron Paintbrush speed painting contest with Odin B and Chris B (from ODMS)
  7. Continued to paint 15mm Ruso-Japanese war Russian Infantry (Old Glory, 96 figures)
  8. Watched Master and Commander, and Gladiator
  9. Purchased copies of "Field of Glory" and "Shako II"
  10. Purchased Osprey books on Russo-Japanese War, and Russian Civil War Whites
  11. Order Russian Civil War bolshevik figures (15mm, Peter Pig) through Cotton Jim


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Egyptoid said...

12. Scrupulously avoided my old friends.
13. Scrupulously avoided my old friends blogs.

8 )