Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Medieval Japan Rules - a partial list

First, there is a very nice overview of several rulesets here.

Of those mentioned, I have heard very good things about Katana, The Age of the Country at War, and Killer Katanas. Many others mentioned.

PJ Rockefeller has a set of decent looking rules (Bushi) here.

This set (Heroic Samurai) seem to be designed for 28mm, but they do use units and with some base size reduction, could be great for 15mm.

Although they have all the detail of a roleplaying game, Katana To Yari seem to be a good set of skirmish (man-to-man) rules. Based on Samurai sword flicks, where Mifume carves his way through dozens of extras.

This link is inspirational, but nothing of substance about the game.

One last option - Warhammer Ancients does have a Samurai army list.

Second half of this article (with two additional rulesets) . . .

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