Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Beginnings of third army - Kingdom of Elsinore

I have yet more painted figures that will make it into the Balkanian 28mm 19th century project...

This next batch, which is entirely painted, just needs to be rebased, will be the Kingdom of Elsinore.

These are based loosely (more like shaken, not stirred) on the Danish kingdom of the period from about 1848 until about 1864.  This covers the First (1849-1851) and Second (1864) Schleswig Wars.

The figures were sorted out and organized into units, and there is something like this. . .

14 units of Royal Infantry (the core of the army)
5 units of Huscarls (elite household infantry)
2 units of Deetlanders (irregulars, from a mostly empty region of unwelcoming moors)
3 units of Foresters (elite rangers)

The little kingdom is pugnacious and annoying, yet the high quality of her infantry and the inhospitable nature of the country make it tough to conquer.  It got involved in the 23 weeks war over imagined sleights to Elsinore sovereignty and threats to trade and shipping.  Elsinore units were not actively engaged in coordinating with either side, and yet in both the Maduro Valley and the Plains of Arthur campaigns they were fighting "together" with the two sides in the conflict - in Maduro they sided (briefly) with Furstenberg.  During the maneuvers prior to the Plains of Arthur, they sided with Rumpwhistle.

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