Thursday, November 7, 2013

Furstenberg Units - Pictures of Seebataillon

Here we have pictures of Furstenberg Seebataillon (naval infantry).  This is the 3rd Company.  The distinction from regular infantry is the light color of the sky blue Seebataillon trousers, and also the fouled anchor collar tab pins (not seen on the miniatures).  A proud distinction that the units themselves make is the use of bright yellow bedrolls, in distinction from the red bedrolls that the regular infantry use.

Seebataillon are expected to take the brunt of the fighting in either landing actions, or in actions that are fought in defense of Naval coastal assets (bases, weapon stations, etc).  Because of that, the companies are formed up like battalions, with four stands of three figures each.

Here we see the back-of-stand distinctions for the Seebataillon Companies (battalions).  They are sky blue, with colored tabs of red, trimmed in yellow.  This is the third Company, so it has three such red/yellow tabs on the sky blue background.

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