Thursday, November 7, 2013

Furstenberg Units - Pictures of Regular Infantry

Here are some pictures of a unit of regular Line Infantry in Furstenberg service.  The medium blue trousers, with dark blue tunic, topped with a dark blue kepi.  One of the distinctions of the regular infantry are the red bedrolls, seen at the top of their campaign packs.  Once a unit is in the field for some time, it is not as typical to see so many of the red bedrolls, but one a battalion first leaves for the field, it is almost uniform throughout.

The next picture is of a different unit, but is included here to illustrate something.  The unit is actually a Mountaineer unit, as you can see by the Mountaineer hat that the units are famous for.  The bedrolls are a mix of different drab colors, notable for not being red throughout.

The interesting thing to notice is the color bands at the base of the unit - the back of each base is colored a different series to match the unit itself.  All of the Furstenberg infantry units are so marked.  This marking (dark green with a brown central band) belongs to the Mountaineers - which are all dark green, with a colored band of distinction.

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