Sunday, November 3, 2013

Panted and Based - Furstenberg Infantry, 1870s

In addition to the Rumpwhistle army, there is also the Furstenberg army, that has been worked on recently.  This army has a somewhat different flavor than the Rumpwhistle army - slightly smaller, slighter higher quality troops.  The types of units, and how many, that have been completed are listed here.

NumberTypeFigs per
Stands per
2Drovian Highlanders34
8Regular Infantry34
3Dismounted Cavalry22

  • The Mountaineers are tough alpine troops, detailed here.
  • The Seebataillon (Naval Infantry) are troops from Naval units (ships and installations), detailed here.
  • The Drovian Highlanders are recruits from the highland clans of Drovia, detailed here.
  • The Regular Infantry are the mainstay of the Margravate army, detailed here.
  • The WaldJaegers are scouts, used to hunting and tracking in the forests of Furstenberg.
  • The Dismounted Cavalry, are basically elite mounted infantry, fighting dismounted as skirmishers.
  • The Sharpshooters are an elite corps of handpicked marksman, also operating as skirmishers.

Total, 20 battalions, 5 demi battalions, 252 miniatures.

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