Saturday, November 2, 2013

Painted and based - Rumpwhistle Infantry, 1870s

Recent efforts to start up on painting 18th century infantry came to a quick halt, as certain painting supplies were found missing.  So, after firing the chiefs of the logistics operation, attention turned to finishing up the rebasing of the remaining 19th century figures.  First up, the rest of the Rumpwhistle infantry.

Here is a list, now, of everything done for Rumpwhistle, so far.  The average infantry battalion is 12 figures, mounted on four bases of three figures each. Light infantry (skirmishes and scouts) have only two figures per stand.

NumberTypeFigs per
per unit
6 Confederacy Infantry 3 4
4 Sharpshooter Companies 2 2
2 Red Guard 3 4
2 Drovian Rebels 3 4
5 Border Scouts 2 4
9 Canton Infantry 3 4
2 Skylarks 3 4

  • Confederacy infantry are the under resourced units of the Confederacy Government.
  • Sharpshooter "Companies" are actually Demi battalions of mounted infantry, armed with rifled repeaters.
  • Red Guard are two battalions of volunteers from Mac Baren, romanticized remnants from the civil war.
  • Drovian Rebels are Highlanders from Furstenberg that defected because of inter clan feuds.
  • Border Scouts (or Grenzers) are battalion strength light infantry units that patrol the Karzstan Mountains.
  • Canton Infantry are the foot units provided by the individual Cantons involved in the 23 Weeks War.
  • Skylarks are units of foreign mercenaries under the command of Rumpwhistle officers.

Total: 26 battalions, 4 demi battalions, 308 miniatures.

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