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OGRE scenario - Withdraw from Greywater

Working on some linked scenarios for a mini-campaign ("Withdraw from Greywater"). These will revolve around the GEV map. Before I talk about the scenarios, take a look at this - the manilla paper map that was in the first of the Metagaming releases of GEV (this was the version I owned).

Very different feel (even thought it is technically the same map) from the later full color offering that Steve Jackson Games put out.

The first scenario in "Decision at Greywater" represents a heavy Combine formation moving from east to west, trying to get off the map, while wreaking havoc on the built up areas in their path. The story is this - a very heavy Combine column has made a raid on a Paneuropean industrial area, smashing the Greywater Cybertank maintenance yard,  On returning back to Combine lines, some resistance is encountered, but it is not very strong (at first).  Arriving reinforcements make the fight more interesting, very quickly.  Providing a high guard (and orbital overwatch) of the Combine column is a trio of recently launched Laser Satellites.  But with a life expectancy that is measured in hours and minutes, these are not expected to have a long lasting effect on the war, or even on this one encounter.

Winchell Chung image of a Light Tank and Heavy Tank (from

Combine Forces:
The Combine commander starts with a company of heavy tanks (10 HVY), supported by a pair of  superheavy tanks (2 SHVY), enter the eastern map edge.  These enter on turn one, and can enter anywhere on or with 2 hexes (north or south) of either of the two roads that enter the eastern edge of the maps (hexes numbered 1403 and 2514). 

Combine Goal:
The goal is for as many of those 12 units to escape off the western edge of the map.  Victory points are also scored for reducing any Target hexes to rubble.

Paneuropean Forces:
The Paneuropean commander stars with two platoons of ground effect vehicle tanks (6 GEV), supported by two companies of Infantry (18sp).  At least one strength point of infantry must begin in each of the following hexes (0412, 0413, 0513, 1411, 1412, 1018, 1118, 1119).

Paneuropean Goal:
The goal is to stop as many Combine HVY and SHVY tanks before they can either exit the map, or rubble Target hexes.

Turning Town hexes into Rubble.

Map Rules:
For this scenario, the long bridge at hex 2214 is not destroyable.
There is an additional long bridge that stretches from hex 2518 through 2418 and into 2318.  It is also not destroyable.
The eight town hexes that the Paneuropean Infantry start in are all "Target" hexes for Combine victory points.

Possible HVY Tank, by Wootten (

Special Rules:
1. Laser Satellites - The Combine player has access to three Orbital Laser Satellites (recently launched, and not expected to last long).  At the beginning of each turn, the Combine player may target any hex on the map with each surviving Satellite.  He makes a note of the hex number(s) he is targeting (each satellite targets a separate hex), and then during combat he will make a STR 6 attack against a unit in that hex, and then spill over attacks to any other units in the hex.
For each HVY or SHVY unit that is destroyed, the Paneuropean player rolls 2d6.  If the result is 11+, then one of the Satellites is knocked out.

2. Reinforcements - The Paneuropean Player receives reinforcements at the end of every Odd numbered turn (beginning with the first).  Roll on the following chart (first to see what the reinforcing unit is, and second to determine starting location). Roll separately for the first column (Unit) and the second column (Start)

12xGEVhex 2331
22xGEVhex 2331
32xHVYhex 2331
42xHVYhex 0210
52xMSLhex 0210
61xMHWZhex 0414

Victory Conditions:
The Combine player gets 1VP for each HVY he exits off the western edge of the map, and 2VP for each SHVY.  In addition the Combine player gets 1VP for every Target hex that gets reduced to rubble.
The Paneuropean player gets 2VP for every HVY destroyed, and 4VP for each SHVY destroyed.  For each Satellite destroyed, 2VP are awarded to the Paneuropean player.

Possible SHVY tank by Vitaliy (

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